Who             33 families
When           Begin in 2030
Where          Shediac New Brunswick Canada
What            Village of 33 villas
Why             Improve quality of life

The Ocean Pearl Village is a community owned business cooperative and habitat. The village includes thirty three family villas in the form of a circle. Each property is a two acre permaculture garden and forest with an off grid home. Acting in concert, this ringed community will create revenue by producing healthy food for market and managing a beachfront tourism business and marina. This project will take about a decade to mature.

The villas will be modelled from the research and experiences learned in two earlier projects done by Lobhta, Lascaux House and Solstice.


Who             Shediac citizens
When           depending
Where          Shediac New Brunswick Canada
What            Canadas first carbon neutral town
Why             Improve quality of life

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Who             Maritimers
When           Begin mid-century
Where          Maritime provinces of Canada
What            The planets first Earth City
Why             For the children of tomorrow

Acadia is a vision for the future. A provincial city living in symbiosis with nature and providing a quality of life for all its citizens. It is a proposal specifically tailored for the Maritime provinces and is accompanied with designs, concepts and timeline. Should this project prove itself a viable and economical solution then it can be a template for Canada to transition to a genuinely green country before the end of the 22nd century.