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Shediac Sandcastles
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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein


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Who             Jesse Collette
When           Begin in 2022
Where          New Brunswick Canada
What            Off grid eco home and greenhouse
Why             Model home for research


Lascaux house is an off-grid model home from which future designs will be based. The design incorporates SIRE (structural insulated rammed earth) wall construction and is covered with a green roof. It is designed to benefit from passive solar gain using the large mass walls for energy storage. It also will take advantage of natural convection to assist in air circulation. The heating and cooling will be supplemented by a geothermal system. Solar and wind will provide for the remaining energy needs. The home is also capable of producing food in an attached greenhouse that acts as a lung for the home, cleaning and adjusting the temperature of the air.

Some of the focuses for this project are longevity and low maintenance of the structure and near zero chemical or petroleum products. Another is food production using aquaponics in tandem with multiple grow methods including vertical aeroponics and float beds. We’re also interested in automating many of the systems and having a central computer to manage and optimize performance.

Understanding how this design performs will be essential. It is these principles that will be incorporated into the Ocean Pearl Village.

To learn more about the design principles visit the Lobhta website.







Who             33 families
When           Begin in 2030
Where          Shediac New Brunswick Canada
What            Village of 33 villas
Why             Improve quality of life


The Ocean Pearl Village is a community owned business cooperative and habitat. The village includes thirty three family villas in the form of a circle. Each property is a two acre permaculture garden and forest with an off grid home. Acting in concert, this ringed community will create revenue by producing healthy food for market and managing a beachfront tourism business and marina.

The villas will be modelled from the research and experiences learned in the Lascaux House and Hummingbird Farms projects. The Ocean Pearl Village will take around ten years to mature.






Shediac Sandcastles


Who             Shediac citizens
When           depending
Where          Shediac New Brunswick Canada
What            Canadas first carbon neutral town
Why             Improve quality of life


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Who             Maritimers
When           Begin mid-century
Where          Maritime provinces of Canada
What            The planets first Earth City
Why             For the children of tomorrow


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